Dr. Lawrence Afrin M.D.
Armonk Integrative Medicine NY


  • Dr. Afrin received a B.S. in computer science at Clemson University in 1984,

  • He earned his M.D. at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in 1988, where he also pursued internal medicine residency and hematology/oncology clinical and research fellowships.

  • On faculty at MUSC 1995-2014, he was active in medical education plus information technology and educational administration (including hematology/oncology fellowship director 1997-2010) and practice and research in hematology/oncology and medical informatics.

  • Since the mid-2000s, his clinical work has increasingly focused in hematology, especially mast cell disease; he also directed MUSC’s myeloproliferative neoplasms clinical trials program.

  • Dr. Afrin spent 2014-17 furthering his interests in mast cell disease at the University of Minnesota, he has been developing an independent institute (located in the greater New York City area) for advancing care, research, and education in mast cell disease; he also is working to develop a global investigative network in this area.

  • He has spoken widely in his areas of focus; his extensive publication record includes some of the most highly accessed articles about mast cell activation syndrome and a popular book in the field.

  • Dr. Afrin has served on editorial boards for several journals and medical advisory boards for various organizations including The Mastocytosis Society.

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